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Advances in the electronics industry, including semiconductors and digital household electric appliances, have been remarkable. Nittei Musen has enjoyed a high customer rating for the production of high-quality products and supporting technological innovation in the industry. In the field of switches, our traditional technical specialty, we have established the NITTEI brand of toggle switches and rotary switches. We ship highly reliable products not only to the domestic market but also overseas. In addition, we have positively opened up new technical fields, making the most of the technical know-how we have obtained in designing and manufacturing switches. In the field of tilt and vibration sensors, we manufacture various products, which include tilt sensors for wristwatches, fan heater sensors detecting vibrations and cutting a power supply, and vending machine vibration sensors for preventing theft, and we have applied for patents for over 20 products (of which we have obtained patents for four and registration of designs for seven). In the OEM field, where the ability to precisely meet customer needs is required, we also make and supply such products as cellular phone antennas and air conditioner panels, as well as motor actuators for automobiles and construction machines.

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