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Product quality is the element Nittei regards as most important in the manufacture of its own brand and OEM products, as well as vibration and tilt sensors. We believe it is most important for us to always attain a level of quality that is higher than customers demand. Thus, we have introduced a non-touch image-measuring machine, and our specialized technical staff strictly conducts acceptance inspections of parts and shipment inspections of products, processing the inspection data using personal computers. In each of the manufacturing processes, our production staff also controls quality from a high-level sense of quality, and all of our people work together to maintain a perfect quality control system.

Nittei, whose motto is “quality first,” is proud of the fact that it manufactures high-quality products that satisfy customers in the field of vibration and tilt sensors, which are becoming extremely small, and cellular phone antennas for which appearance is a critical element.

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